Cine Film Transfer Services

Cine Films are captured directly to Hard Drive via firewire interface and can be supplied in AVI, MOV or MP4 format or normal DVD-Video disc.

Other formats also available on request - Just let us know what you require !

Discounts available for bulk orders of 20 or more films - Bring us your collection and we will work out a package deal !


No "mirror boxes " or " wall projection" !!

Unlike most companies who offer this service, we DO NOT project your film onto a screen or through a "mirror box" with a projector, while recording the projected images with a handycam.

Our method explained

We use purpose built film transfer machines which capture the film frames directly from the film strip with a high resolution camera which is electronically syncronised with the film frame rate, while backlit with an LED light, ensuring safe heat free film transport.

We also clean and lubricate your film, if needed, to ensure a smoother and steadier frame progression.

Our trusty workhorse - The TOBIN CINEMA SYSTEMS TVT-8 cine film transfer machine.



























Cine Film Formats:

(hover over images to enlarge them)


Format Reel size Film Length Cost Per Reel

  8mm Standard / Super -   Silent/Sound

Small Reel (diameter 1-10cm)

50 ft

R90 ea

  8mm Standard / Super -   Silent/Sound

Medium Reel (diameter 10-15cm)

200 ft

R140 ea

  8mm Standard / Super -   Silent/Sound

Large Reel (diameter 15-24cm)

400 ft

R230 ea
  8mm Standard / Super -   Silent/Sound

Extra Large Reel (diameter 24-38cm)

600 ft

R300 ea

   16mm - Silent/Sound


Small Reel (diameter 1-12cm)

50 ft

R90 ea

   16mm - Silent/Sound

Medium Reel (diameter 12-20cm)

400 ft
R160 ea

   16mm - Silent/Sound

Large Reel (diameter 20-26cm)

800 ft

R250 ea

   16mm - Silent/Sound

Extra Large Reel (diameter 26-38cm)

2000 ft

R450 ea



Optional Extras:


Description Cost
Add background music to films 20% additional charge
Printing of label on DVD disc R5 per disc
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